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Residential High Speed Internet

Telephone for $5.95/month when bundled with Internet
Total Home
  • 45.0M Download / 3M Upload
  • Allows multi-streaming and multi-surfing with no delays!
  • For video/music download and upload, online gaming, and networking
  • *Only available thru fiber optics.
$84.95 Monthly Access
Family Package
  • 30.0M Download / 3M Upload
  • Allows the entire family to enjoy surfing the net at the same time!
  • *Only available thru fiber optics.
$79.95 Monthly Access
Gamers Zone
  • 24.0M Download / 3M Upload
  • Ideal for the “Gamers”! Play online with no delays!
  • *Only available thru fiber optics.
$69.95 Monthly Access
  • 18.0M Download / 3M Upload
  • Watch video’s on multi-devices while surfing at the same time!
$59.95 Monthly Access
Streaming Plus
  • 10.0M Download / 1.5M Upload
  • Stream video’s while surfing the web!
$49.95 Monthly Access
  • 6.0M Download / 1.5M Upload
  • Perfect for you-tube, Netflix, surfing, email
$39.95 Monthly Access
  • 3.0M Download / 1.5M Upload
  • For surfing the web and emails
$29.95 Monthly Access

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Oak Trails
West Bend South
West Bend North
Mountain Valley Lakes
Mt Valley Heights
Mt Valley Fairway Vista
Mt Valley Lakewood
Shannon Creek
Willow Creek
Prairie Timber Estates
Burleson Commons
N Broadway Street, Joshua
S Wilshire Blvd, Burleson
Woodstock Sq. Apartments
Woodstock Phase III Apts.
Misty Hollow Apartments

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